Sir David is memorialised at London’s Westminster Abbey. A stone to remember him lays in Poet’s Corner in the South West Transept.


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‘Last month we all lost a broadcasting legend. Sir David Frost was everything the BBC aspires to be.

He had wit and he used it to devastating effect. He was bold, fronting programmes that no-one had even thought of before he did them. He had the popular touch and was never too grand to appeal to his audiences. He was courteous and polite, never thinking himself more important than his guest. He was a journalist and broadcaster known throughout the world for his truth-telling, for his imagination and his ability to entertain.

That was the BBC that was and that is the BBC that will be.

A BBC back to its best. That still informs, educates and entertains, but where audiences also inform, educate and entertain each other.

A BBC that is both personal and global.’

The Lord Hall of Birkenhead CBE, Director General BBC, September 2013

‘One thing you always knew about David was that his lifeblood was appearing on television… There’d never been anything like him before.’

The Lord Grade of Yarmouth CBE

‘David was really the person who defined the interview where the interviewer doesn’t try and become the story, he tries to extract the story.’

The Right Honourable Tony Blair

‘I think David was motivated by insatiable curiosity. Everything he saw interested him.’

The Right Honourable Sir John Major KG CH

‘He did it all with the minimum of ego.’

Sir Michael Parkinson CBE

‘He was involved in so many different revolutions. The revolution of British satire, the revolution of the commercialisation of television in the UK and Breakfast TV, and then also revolutionising what political interviews really meant.’

The Right Honourable David Cameron MP

‘David’s career left the rest of us gasping. It was so consistent, so persistent, so dogged, and of such quality.’

The Baroness Bakewell DBE

‘When you look at the people whom David interviewed, there never has been, never will be, I suspect, anybody who will have his span… Anybody who wants to understand the second half of the twentieth century is going to have to look at David’s interviews.’

The Lord Birt

‘One of the most extraordinary things about David was his mastery of all genres of TV.’

Loyd Grossman OBE